Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Logo- start of final branding

Okay guys here are some logo choices, Still going for a techno-mechanical look. I explained to Alex that I wanted my logo to look like it would be for some machine company printed on the side of some futuristic machine, front end loader or something haha. For my font choice I am looking for something slick, thin, and sans-serif, so I am going back and fourth with Bank Gothic and a font called 7 Days. I broke each picture up by A,B,C then numbered them so it would be easy for you guys to reference when critiquing. Please be brutally honest and thanks in advance



  1. I think you made the right choice with c2 cus it reads as your initials pretty well. c7 has a good flow and might be good if you do a lot of vehicles. It looks like a race track.

    B1 reads the clearest to me. The word inside word thing kinda hard to read and reminds me of a book publisher and I dont think that's what you're going for.

    I like the look of A1 too but work in "kyle" somewhere. Personally I would just have the logo on top, then "Kyle Brown Design" bellow. It's straight forward but it gets the job done. You need it to read "Kyle Brown Design" and not just "Brown Design" because just "brown" makes you think of the color and thats not very exciting.

    Hope that helps man. Here comes Fry

    are you gonna enter dominance war?

  2. a1 - works nice, consider making design smaller, might put more emphasis on the name and logo

    a2,a3,a5,a6 - throw out - to complex or don't read well

    a4 - has potential, not to crazy about the lines through the blue

    b1 - could work, reads as sci-fi

    b2-b6 - throw out - it takes to long to read in between the letters, you want something more easily recognizable

    b7 - could work but it would be more of a publication look. If you do go with this one consider making "rown" bold so the B reads more easily

    b8 - has a nice feel, reads well, clean design. it can be used for concept or publication based

    c4,c8 & c9 - these read the best. The others are to complex/ dont read as KB.

    Personal fav is B8 - simply because its easy to read. Its understandable. It gets your message across and its not over designed.

  3. Wow thanks guys, I really appreciate the thorough feedback and crits. Its a huge help. I can't tell if Fry is Trolling lol- not but seriously great input from you guys, I will take it all into consideration, I think I'm with Phong, and you guys like some of the ones on the B page so I might try blending the type there with some more of the design work from A, or C, I really love what you did with yours Phong- It's perfect, and simple,

    As for Dominance war I would love to, I need to read over the rules and figure out how it really works and all, when does it start if it hasn't already?

  4. A1, A5 and A6 are the most refined and unique. Just saying!