Saturday, July 10, 2010

This is a female native for a project I am working on with a friend. She is a "native" human that now resides on a new alien planet. Long duster tunic inspired but old 1920's women's apparel of the Egyptian explorations. The head piece around her neck gives DATA read outs and destroys dust particles when they come close to the face.

Now to the actual piece- I need to get better about sitting down and flushing out the background of the character before I start, I think it will drastically help improve design. If I knew all along she would be a desert dweller, I would have found better reference and thought about her gear more, after all I want to be a concept artist and this is what I will have to do...

Technique- Trying to work in the style that Brian Matyas is utilizing. Love the look he is achieving, but I know I just need to be more patient, and I am also trying to remember more details about his tutorial. Wonder if they recorded it...I really love the technique but have to look at his a little bit more and pick his brain, really interesting technique for digital concept work. Inspired but the work of Dermot Power too. Took about an hour and half in photoshop. Just need to get back to restricting myself from rushing and flush out a better drawing, because I am not too overly happy with this one,

BTW- I hate the colors on this JPEG, if any of you guys have a better way of getting files onto blogspot from photoshop, the advice would be greatly appreciated. I know it accepts JPEGS, GIFS and something else I believe, here is a link to my DA account where I was able to upload a TIFF with closer color to the original PS file

Enjoy none the less- and thank you recent watchers.

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