Monday, February 1, 2010

Action Figure Design and sketch

Below are just a couple of quick sketches for the Hasbro project in Dimensional Illustration. I have been looking forward to this project since Freshman year at CCAD and now it is finally here! One thing i know is action figures, I just hope my passion for buying them can translate over into making one. This was just a quick character sketch and a study of joints. The second is a quick female anatomy figure study- not sure if I will do a male or female figure. And last, the sketch in red is just another character practice- rendered in line like pencil then color dropped on quickly in PS- I have been looking at a lot of concept art again lately, mostly Star Wars and I love the character designs of Ian McCaig and I noticed that when Ep.III came out, he was using the computer to do simple color comps ontop of his pencil drawings. Mine however was not done in pencil, but rather on PS with a thin hard round. Hands are a mess the final piece- really need to practice them more...Crits are welcome!

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