Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jaeger Illustration

New Pacific Rim trailer came out this week, I happened to do another big mech sketch (below) that I decided to work on. The nice thing here is I didn't give in to old habbits, I save one version and started working into colors and really didn't like what was happening so I ditched it and went back to the earlier version and I feel much better for it. Grace gave some big pointers on the rain that helped! so then I put it up, but felt it could be pushed just a tad bit more, so I went back into photoshop, flipped it, flipped it back and made it greyscale and saw that my value was there, but could be pushed, there were hardly any whites, and though it is a night scene in the rain and values would be muted, the blade is growing pretty warm and thought I could push it- glad I did

Crits welcomed!

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