Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Antelope Fashion

My contribution to our group's line, its called something else... any way we had to do a cohesive "line" using fur. We chose to focus on one animal, the Antelope and design an outfit around that. I tried to incorporate design elements that dominant on the Antelope without over doing it, like the boots, to represent the black and white striping on their legs, she has one one stripe, that way it doesn't look busy like some emo girls leg sock. Jewelry up around the neck is African inspired, figured since the Antelope is found roaming the African Plains.

Mixed media, including pencil, marker and water color pencil on Graphix 360 paper- 2 hours


  1. Pretty amazing job- but I did see you do it in person! The pose is very nice and I think you did a really interesting outfit idea based off the antelope!

  2. Thanks miss meg- i literally just saw your comment, i forget to check on here, but I appreciate it. Now bash it to pieces!